In 2010 Mikki Senkarik celebrated twenty years selling her stunning art in Santa Fe. For the past decade she has been one of the top selling oil painters in the “City Different”. With a background in Medical Illustration the jump to oils was a natural move. Senkarik is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia. Since graduating she illustrated 47 major medical textbooks and her peers have honored Mikki with their top Award of Excellence five of nine years. Senkarik’s illustrations are used today by the Medical Illustration Masters’ Program as examples of perfection, how a medical drawing should be executed.

Bladder cancer at nineteen could have been fatal. Mikki won that battle and is living proof; cancer need not be a death sentence. “Facing death and winning gives one a zest for living, bringing joy to your soul.” The tall, slender Senkarik continues, “Survival is what drives me to paint bright, happy art. I appreciate life so much I can’t help but let that joy seep into my oils. One of my early collectors called my work Billboards of Happiness.” Senkarik is definitely not into painting angst or dirge.

Her mate is a master artist who has been mentor, soul mate and best friend for the past two decades. The two have traveled the world, living in places where people go for vacations. Senkarik incorporates her mate’s double primary color mixing system of warm and cool yellow, warm and cool red, warm and cool blue plus white, which gives her original oils vibrancy and a purity not achievable with earth pigments. With this special mixing system it’s impossible to make a muddy painting as Senkarik’s pieces attest.

Her collectors are called members of Team Senkarik. They receive a special price consideration on all additions to their Senkarik collection and are given top priority on commissions. She prefers to call commissions “collaborations” because she takes the client’s ideas, adds some of hers and works them into the perfect painting for their needs. Her draftsmanship is unequaled; her brushwork is her signature. At 55 Mikki Senkarik is just beginning her escalation to the top in the world of art. We invite you to own one of her unique pieces of art and become a continuing collector. Senkarik’s complete, heart-moving bio can be found on www. senkarik. com.