Gourd art is a worldwide art form and is found in many countries.  Gourds have been around for hundreds of years and have been used for both utility  purposes and as  objects of art.

Roy’s interest in art started at an early age.  He took art classes in Junior High and High School while growing up in Baytown, Texas.  He received an art scholarship to Lee Jr. Collage.  His college was put on hold while he spent four years in the Air Force.  Roy then returned to college and graduated with a degree in Art from Lamar University.

Upon graduating, his career took a turn into sales and he spent the next 30+ years in corporate America. During this time, his art was limited to drawing industry posters and sketching providing some escape from his full time sales profession.  Upon retirement, he devoted more time to his art and he perused his interest in pen and ink drawing historic landmarks around his home .  In 2010, he discovered the world of gourd art which has became his passion.  His interest in pen and ink drawing was transformed to pyrography on gourds.  Gourds are nature’s canvas and allow Roy to explore his other interest in pottery and sculpturing.   
Gourd art is an old art form that is practiced in cultures all over the world.  Primitive cultures used gourds for utilitarian purposes, and used crude tools to embellish them.   Today’s gourd art ranges from simple craft projects to works of fine art by full time gourd artists.
Roy is a member of the American Gourd Society.  He is also on the Board of Directors with the Texas Gourd Society.  His work has been featured in several Gourd Art newsletters and newspapers.  He received a first place award in 2012 and a second place award in 2013 in the American Gourd Society Gourd Art competition.  Roy is active promoter of the art form and gives frequent demonstrations to school children, associations and garden clubs.
In 2013, he received a second place award in the Southwest Division at the Southwest Fine Art Gourd Show in Kerrville, Texas.  In 2014, he received two honorable mention awards in the same show in the Carving and Southwest Art Division.  His gourd titled “Seabound” was chosen for the “People’s Choice Award” .In 2014, he was also juried in for the annual Ruidoso Art Festival. He was awarded” Best of class” and  “ Best in Show “