Jenny Floravita has been painting and
creating art professionally for the last two
decades, working first in watercolor and then
in oil and eventually in glass and metal. She
began her studies in painting, drawing, music
and dance as a small child—excelling in all.
Her life in the San Francisco Bay Area
afforded her great exposure to the arts. Jenny
won numerous awards as a young artist
including four California Governor ’s Medallions and four California State Seals—
two each for art and dance. After receiving
several scholarships, Jenny went on to receive her formal art degree through
University of California, Santa Cruz. She lived and worked in Santa Cruz as a
graphic designer and fine artist for a few years before re-locating to her family’s
home town on the Delta at which point her fine art career blossomed.
In the mid-2000s Jenny was introduced to the rare art form of reverse glass painting.
She produced numerous painted chandeliers for the interior design industry.
Through various glass artists and metals smiths, Jenny learned warm glass and glass
cold-working techniques to create her glass bowls and forging and welding to create
her iron fixtures. She now operates a mini-industrial facility out of her studio.
Jenny’s Contemporary Swirl/Circles of Sedona is a 2013 NICHE Awards Finalist.
Description of Work
My reverse painted chandeliers are created entirely by hand—I am the artist. These
are not production oriented. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and starts with flat
architectural glass that is cut and slumped in my studio to achieve the glass bowl
which then needs to be cold-worked. The special painting technique that I use is a
very old and rare art form called reverse glass painting. Reverse painted lamps were
extremely popular in the Victorian era. Even Tiffany produced reverse painted
lamps, though we know him more for his stained glass.
My iron fixtures are hand-forged and incorporate lamp parts where needed. My
painted night lights and lamp shades incorporate the same techniques stated above
to create the glass shapes on a smaller scale.
Later this year I will be producing my own lamp bases, which will be sculpted, cast
and signed by me and will feature elements incorporated in my glass paintings.