Richard’s painting style has been described as robust;expressionistic;energetic,with sweeping use of color and skillful harmonies. Attributes that are born of close observation  of subject matter,countless hours of indoor as well as outdoor painting, and boundless love of the craft. Instructing in private and public institutions for the past 18 yrs. he brings a wealth of Art History, including the most recent trends.

Of himself he says, “ My goals as a painter are to imbue the viewer with a sense of mystery,

beauty and timelessness and to give the viewer a time out from the course of day to day life.

His plain air works are i private collections throughout the U.S.

“I learn something new with each painting in terms of  how perception,color theory,and color chemistry work together to provide the viewer with an aesthetic experience. Growing up in Southern New Mexico and now residing in the northern New Mexico village of Truchas, he finds a constant sour of subject matter in friends,family and the beauty of New Mexico.

He graduated from the College of Santa Fe and loves the land and people of New Mexico.