Alexei Kamenev was born the village of Penza, Kharkov Region which is now the Ukraine in 1976 to the family of a journalist. Inspired by his elder brother, he became interested in woodcarving in his early adolescence. He enrolled in the woodcarving program at a vocational school at the first opportunity. Where he, Alexei became fascinated with folk art woodcarving and wooden architecture.

In 1944 Alexei entered Kharkov School of Arts, the department of Fine Arts, which before, had seemed to him an unrealizable goal. Alexei’s teacher was the most experienced professor, the recognized artist Boris Borisov. The professor invested a lot in his student; he fired up his passion for art and Russian traditions in art. He taught Alexei to paint fluidly, uninhibitedly, lushly, and on a grand scale. During his years in the School of Arts, Alexei absorbed the best traditions of the Russian Classical School of Realism represented by such prominent artists as K. Korovin, F. Malyavin and Arkhipov, as well as French impressionists (Monet, Sisley, etc.) Alexei strived to achieve lushness of color, rambuctiousness of paint, freedom of brushstroke, lightness and a glimmering impressionism.


In spite of his young age, Alexei Kamenev managed to achieve certain heights in Fine Arts and his talent finds positive response from his admirers. He is now represented by fine art galleries, particularly in Europe and the United States. Santa Fe Art Collector proudly represents him in New Mexico.