From an early age, Eric Hartman had a love for recreating the beauty he observed in the world around him. His father, a professional photographer and visual artist often had Eric sit in his college classroom with other students to develop his abilities. Any opportunity to create with his hands increased his deep appreciation for the arts.

Eric found his calling as a sculpture artist in the employ of Ken Payne, noted western sculptor. Eric worked exclusively for and with Payne, creating the beautiful patinas he also displays in his own work. Payne taught Eric the basic principles behind art and ignited the hunger to learn from the masters, both old and new. "We have a vast storehouse of relatives in the art world who are trying to perceive what makes us who we are. Looking for that form which feels both natural and familiar from the first glance is important if we are to relate to a piece." This is the underlying quality Eric strives to achieve in his art.