Carlo Trost was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1959. Today he lives and works in the Udine region of Italy where he sculpts exclusively in wood. An artist in the tradition of Brancusi and other moderns, Trost uses primarily organic forms and shapes to create simple, yet startlingly effective images of nature and the natural world. His designs are effective, dramatic and original in concept creating a unique blend of naturalism and modern design that is compelling and beautiful.He has been collected by many private collectors all over Europe and now in the United States.

 Born in France in 1969, Isabelle Dupuy spent her childhood in the country side of Provence, in Southern France.  She developed her artistic skills at Les Beaux Arts School in Valence, France as a teenager and young adult.  It became a passion.

Isabelle developed her own aesthetic, she took inspiration from her favorite artist, the 19th Century French Impressionist Claude Monet.  Her paintings are often inspired by location near her home, the French countryside.  Through her art, Isabelle transports the viewer to open spaces, much like the home she grew up in.  She enjoys capturing on canvas the vivid colors and light of the Mediterranean.

Isabelle is currently interested in putting a contemporary spin to the Impressionist style and she is also interested in dynamics uses of color and texture.  She prefers to keep her artwork free of a traditional frame and instead paints the sides of the canvas so her landscapes can exist beyond conventional borders.

Isabelle is an ambitious self-taught painter who will never limit her subject matter, her techniques and her style.  She brings new energy to her work by isolating the most important colors, developing a more bold way of painting for maximum effect using her painting knife.  Her new direction shows more feeling, energy and freshness while capturing a unique moment in nature.

Isabelle goes home to Provence very often to get more inspiration and to spend time with her family.  She currently resides in Houston, Texas where she is doing what she loves most, painting.

In 2010 Mikki Senkarik celebrated twenty years selling her stunning art in Santa Fe. For the past decade she has been one of the top selling oil painters in the “City Different”. With a background in Medical Illustration the jump to oils was a natural move. Senkarik is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia. Since graduating she illustrated 47 major medical textbooks and her peers have honored Mikki with their top Award of Excellence five of nine years. Senkarik’s illustrations are used today by the Medical Illustration Masters’ Program as examples of perfection, how a medical drawing should be executed.

Bladder cancer at nineteen could have been fatal. Mikki won that battle and is living proof; cancer need not be a death sentence. “Facing death and winning gives one a zest for living, bringing joy to your soul.” The tall, slender Senkarik continues, “Survival is what drives me to paint bright, happy art. I appreciate life so much I can’t help but let that joy seep into my oils. One of my early collectors called my work Billboards of Happiness.” Senkarik is definitely not into painting angst or dirge.

Her mate is a master artist who has been mentor, soul mate and best friend for the past two decades. The two have traveled the world, living in places where people go for vacations. Senkarik incorporates her mate’s double primary color mixing system of warm and cool yellow, warm and cool red, warm and cool blue plus white, which gives her original oils vibrancy and a purity not achievable with earth pigments. With this special mixing system it’s impossible to make a muddy painting as Senkarik’s pieces attest.

Her collectors are called members of Team Senkarik. They receive a special price consideration on all additions to their Senkarik collection and are given top priority on commissions. She prefers to call commissions “collaborations” because she takes the client’s ideas, adds some of hers and works them into the perfect painting for their needs. Her draftsmanship is unequaled; her brushwork is her signature. At 55 Mikki Senkarik is just beginning her escalation to the top in the world of art. We invite you to own one of her unique pieces of art and become a continuing collector. Senkarik’s complete, heart-moving bio can be found on www. senkarik. com.


An Elk Hunting Guide for more than 20 years, Outfitter and avid Outdoorsman, Mark James now lives and maintains his studio in Lander, Wyoming on a working Cattle Ranch at the base of the Wind River mountains, bordering Indian Reservation Territory which spans 2.2 million acres and is home to 2500 Eastern Shoshone and more than 5000 Northern Arapaho Indians. Having spent the best part of his life living and working in the high country of the Rocky Mountains, his passion for the wilderness and all it has to teach him is now expertly expressed in his art. A Naturalist, Mark continues to spend much of each fall alone in the wilderness of Wyoming fine tuning his senses to the sights, scents, and sounds of the mountains, sharing the experience with the wildlife that lives there, while renewing his inspiration to create art that tells the story of the heritage of the American West.

Driven to create works that reach deep to touch one’s heart, soul, and mind, Mark James sculpts strong,  passionate, expressive images yearning to tell their story. Conceived in clay and quintessentially birthed, his art speaks.

Mark James, after studying at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado, began his life as an Artist, sandblasting and hand carving three-dimensional wooden signs. Mark then segued to plate glass, sandblasting three-dimensional images, exceptional in scope, creativity, design and execution, before ultimately manipulating clay as his medium of destiny and choice.

Mark’s sculptures and monuments may be found in private collections across this country and Europe.

A featured Sculptor, Mark was invited to participate in the inaugural Grand Opening celebration of the Madden Museum of Art in Denver, Colorado.

Mark James is represented in premier galleries throughout the West including Santa Fe Art Collector in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


 From an early age, Eric Hartman had a love for recreating the beauty he observed in the world around him. His father, a professional photographer and visual artist often had Eric sit in his college classroom with other students to develop his abilities. Any opportunity to create with his hands increased his deep appreciation for the arts.

Eric found his calling as a sculpture artist in the employ of Ken Payne, noted western sculptor. Eric worked exclusively for and with Payne, creating the beautiful patinas he also displays in his own work. Payne taught Eric the basic principles behind art and ignited the hunger to learn from the masters, both old and new. "We have a vast storehouse of relatives in the art world who are trying to perceive what makes us who we are. Looking for that form which feels both natural and familiar from the first glance is important if we are to relate to a piece." This is the underlying quality Eric strives to achieve in his art.

1979- 1st Place ,Stone Sculpture ,New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque

1981- 1st & 3rd Place, Best in Sculpture, ENIPC Artists & Craftsmen Show, Santa Clara NM

1981- 2nd Place Awards, SWAIA 60th Annual Indian Market, Santa Fe

1982- 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place, Northern Pueblos 10th Annual Artists & Craftsmen Show, San Ildefonso NM

1983- 3rd Place, Tanners 12th Annual All Indian Invitational Show, Scottsdale AZ

1983- 3rd Place, Northern Pueblos 11th Annual Artists & Craftsmen Show, San Ildefonso NM

1983- 3rd Place & Honorable Mention, New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque

1985-Best of Division, First Award & Best of Class, SWAIA 64th Annual Indian Market ,Santa Fe

1987-3rd Place, Gallup Intertribal Ceremonials

1988-3rd Place, SWAIA 67th Annual Indian Market ,Santa Fe

1989- 1st Place, SWAIA,68th Annual Indian Market, Santa Fe

1990-2nd Place, Northern Pueblos 18th Annual Artist and Craftsmen Show, San Ildefonso NM

1990- 2nd Place, New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque

1991-1st & 3rd Place, Utility Shack 3rd Annual Indian Ceremonial

1992- 2nd Place, Stone Sculpture ,New Mexico State Fair/KOAT, Albuquerque

1993- 2nd Place, SWAIA 72nd Annual Indian Market , Santa Fe

1993- Honorable Mention, SWAIA 72nd Annual Indian Market Santa Fe

1994- Best of Division, First Place  SWAIA 73rd  Annual Indian Market Santa Fe

1997- Challenge Award, Traditional Sculptural Forms,76th Annual Santa Fe Market

1999- 1st & 3rd Places, SWAIA 78th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market


"I was classically trained as a realist painter. My work is meant to echo my fascination with the passage of time, our journey through it, and the complex and fragile layers of our existence"

From Focus Santa Fe Magazine:

McCreery Jordan is known for her exquisitely painted, intensely lyrical art. Her style and subject matter are strictly her own, yet her constant experimentation keeps her work fresh and magical. Her mixed media pieces, in particular, reflect an astonishing ability to invoke both mystery and clarity.

Ms. Jordan, who has lived in Santa Fe since 1993, is an established artist who has conducted workshops throughout the United States for the past twenty years. She imparts her passion for art to her students while teaching them the solid skills that are at the heart of her own work. An accomplished sculptor, she is also proficient in oil, acrylic, encaustic, and watercolor, and she frequently combines them for maximum effect. The subject matter can be anything from landscape to figures and still life, and the approach can be anything from photorealism to abstract and beyond, with dimensions ranging from 6” x 6” to billboard size.

Jordan’s work has appeared in many publications, most recently in New Mexico Millennium Collection – A Twenty-First Century Celebration of Fine Art in New Mexico. She shows her work in galleries, museums, and invitationals (most recently in Sorrento, Italy. She has garnered many awards and other honors, and her work is represented in many distinguished private collections in the United States and Europe. It also can be found in public venues ranging from a restaurant in France to the Wall Street Journal.

McCreery is a published poet, avid fly fisher, and has produced two instructional art videos.


James Roybal; Born 1952 in Santa Fe N.M, James from an early age has known he was an artist.

Roybal got his first taste of casting bronze at age 12 from public school teacher Earnest Badyinski. James was lucky enough to have him also in high school and worked with him in his studio casting bronze during summer vacations.  James attended Highlands University and finished his formal education at New Mexico State University.

James furthered his foundry education working and managing in fine art foundries for 6 years, until in 1983, he became a full time artist.

His first juried show, while still in high school, was the 1971 New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, again participating in 1973.  James has won numerous first place and best of show awards since then. James has had shows in over 40 Galleries around the United States.  Roybal has his work in collections around the word. He is in "Who’s Who In American Art," and in the book "Contemporary Western Artists," among 700 of the most important living Western artists.

In, 1986 James participated in the Governor's Gallery show, New Mexico State Capital. In 1987, James was asked to participate in the Albuquerque New Mexico Museum, Annual Miniatures Show, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994. James has Judged and participated in the Contemporary Spanish Market, in Santa Fe, winning the Southwest Art Magazine award in 2003, First Place Awards, in Pastel 2008, 2009, in Acrylic and Oil 2010 and Best of Show in Bronze 2012. The Pastel Journal has also recognized his pastels. James was asked to demonstrate and speak to the New Mexico Pastel Society in Albuquerque, 2000, 2006 and 201.  In 2010 Roybal was accepted to show 2 pastels at the Pastel Society of America show.  He is a Member of both the Sculpture Society of America, and the Pastel Society of New Mexico.

Roybal excelled in both painting and sculpting in college, he concentrated on sculpting in bronze and marble, only painting and drawing for his own pleasure.

In 1995, James decided to devote more time and energy to his painting.  In 1994, he picked up his first pastel, James says; "I felt at ease, it was like coming home."  He has sold hundreds of pastels, and over 1300 bronzes. "I am always looking for new challenges, in bronze and painting. I am not looking for a particular recognizable style. A particular style can be limiting. More important, I hope to grow with subtle maturity. There is always another level to obtain, new understanding of structure, form, the use of color, lost and found edges, light and shadow. Each painting or sculpture brings new challenges and new ways of seeing. Working in bronze and painting has opened new horizons for me."


Mitch CasterFor as long as he can remember, Mitch Caster has been drawing and painting -- capturing the essence of the good that is around him.  While he paints a wide variety of subjects, one of his specialties over the years has been dance.  He has worked with the Colorado Ballet since 1994, and was recently honored to have his paintings featured at Lincoln Center in New York City, in celebration of the New York City Ballet’s 50th Anniversary.  He also paints Flamenco, Native American, Latino, and other dance forms.  

Mitch also paints the human form in all walks of life, whether it’s a mother and child on a street in Spain, or a lotus gardener in China.  He also paints still life, landscapes, cityscapes, and old buildings -- from the crumbling structures of Venice, to the grand castles of Britain, to the adobe structures of the American southwest.  To Mitch, the adobe structures “have a life of their own.  It’s like painting skin.”  Mitch’s fascination with people and historic subjects stems from his appreciation of the efforts of all cultures to pass on their uniqueness and history to new generations, and to other cultures, as well.  

Mitch began his formal study of art at age 16 at Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver.  He later worked for 9News/KUSA-TV for eleven years creating news graphics and doing courtroom sketching.  In 1988, Mitch decided to pursue his life’s ambition -- fine art.  In addition to painting, he also teaches at the Art Students League of Denver.  He has also continued courtroom sketching, and has covered some of the nation’s most notorious trials.  His work has been seen on every major U.S. network, and internationally, as well.  He has received numerous awards for his artwork and courtroom sketching, and has appeared as the courtroom artist in two Perry Mason movies.  His fine art appears in private, foundation, and corporate collections around the world, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and Russia.


Don FinkeldeiI grew up in a small farming community in Kansas.  As far back as I can remember I was interested in art and the process of capturing

the mood and atmosphere of a landscape.  As a child, I checked a book out of the Library about J. M. W. Turner and was fascinated by his unique ability to capture the ambient mood of the scene in addition to the visual aspects.  I like paintings that invoke emotion and draw out the other senses, the cold crispness of a winter’s morning, the smell of rain, the tranquility of an early morning just after dawn, or the mystery of a foggy rainy day.  I don’t intend to reproduce images.  Cameras and copy machines do that.  I try to express the emotions and senses I feel at the time I paint it.

I strive to continuously learn, experiment, and evolve.  For me, the learning process is just as satisfying as the painting process.  In the past I used a very large array of colors on my palette.  Now I use a very limited palette confined to the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow with premixed warm and cool grays of various value.  I’ve also learned to think in terms of the attributes of color rather than just “color”.  When I mix paint I’m thinking of value, relative color temperature, color saturation and hue.  I use warm and cool grays to modify the attributes of the primary colors.   My best work is when I do my thinking on the palette, mixing, fitting in pools of paint with the rest of the pools of paint I’ve mixed for various objects, planes, shadows, recession, light and sky.  Once all is worked out on the palette (a large palette) I’m free to put the knowledge in my subconscious background and create the painting without much pause for thought allowing my creative and impulsive side to take control.

I graduated college with a major in Physics and a minor in Art.  I had intended to work the first half of my life as a physicist and then devote the second phase of my life as an artist.  I did exactly that.  I worked for several large corporations.  I continued painting and sculpting in my free time.  In the Early 1980’s I bowed out of the  first phase, moved to Santa Fe and began painting and sculpting full time.  Leaving a secure career for the unknown is a scary thing to do but I never once regretted it.

Santa Fe Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico (1each year)
Pellam Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Linda McAdoo Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Linda McAdoo Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Linda McAcoo Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Missouri Athletic Club, St. Louis, Missouri
Linda McAdoo, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Missouri Athletic Club, St. Louis, Missouri
Jan Ballew Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Taos Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico
Jan Ballew Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wings Gallery, Thousand Oaks, California



Carnahan Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Art Collector

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